Top 5 Advantages of Cordless Grease Guns: Why Go Wireless?

Over the years, wired grease guns have been preferred due to their consistent performance in dispensing grease. However, of late, the advancement in cordless power tools and Lithium-ion batteries have improved cordless grease guns considerably. Now, modern grease guns can provide up to 10,000 PSI of pressure, and that too, at an impressive flow rate of 9 ounces per minute. Therefore, we are seeing an explosion of grease guns in large-scale projects, and their popularity is on the rise rapidly. Let’s have a look at the many benefits provided by wireless grease guns, which have made them the go-to product in the market.

5 Benefits of Cordless Grease Guns

C6 grease gun

Below are the 5 advantages that will make your mind when it comes to choosing cordless grease guns for daily tasks:

1. Easy to transport from one location to another

Are you always worried about plug points or generators when moving from site to site? With a battery-powered cordless grease gun, you can say goodbyes to your apprehensions and worries. However, it is worth remembering that these cordless grease guns are only useful when you have your batteries fully charged. So, if you are meticulous in keeping the batteries charged, you can go anywhere for a job and don’t have to worry about things like charging points. By choosing high-grade Lithium-ion batteries, you can get the desired level of power and runtime. Moreover, during extended work hours, you benefit from quick charging times as these batteries fill up at a rapid rate. Therefore, it is easy to attend multiple job calls with cordless grease guns.

2. Enhanced pressure, flow, and run time

Cordless grease guns are now more controllable than ever when it comes to pressure and flow. Different pressure flows ensure that you can use these grease guns for different industrial use cases. Moreover, the advancement in battery technologies has also improved the run time, which has made them an ideal tool for people who are always on the go. However, it is worth noting that these grease guns can cause you to dispense nearly 7 cartridges for every charge.

3. Affixed LED lighting for nocturnal tasks

During the nighttime, it is difficult to use a grease gun without proper lighting. However, with the advent of cordless grease guns that have LEDs, it has become easier for people to operate in the absence of natural or artificial light (in the vicinity). These LEDs are a godsend for technicians who are often called on-site to work in conditions with very little light. Poor visibility can often spoil a job, so LEDs are a welcome addition to the repertoire of every grease gun user. 

4. Hands do not fatigue as easily with quality cordless grease guns

Manual grease guns can take a toll, especially on your hands. The high level of fatigue can be a major problem for people who have to work multiple jobs. If your hands are tired, the likelihood of making mistakes can increase while using manual grease guns. However, with a cordless battery-powered grease gun, you are never really exerting your hands as the work is done through the automatic motion of the device. Without much pain, you can easily work on large-scale projects with complete comfort and convenience at your fingertips. 

5. Rapid completion of tasks

The longer you take to perform a job, the less time you have for another job. But when you have a quality grease gun, you can increase your work efficiency by 75%. Therefore, you can get your hands on more projects and finish the job before deadlines with ease. 

World-Class Grease Guns for Best Results

Cordless grease guns are complex devices. Without proper care and calibration, you will never get the desired results while working with these tools. Therefore, you should buy top-quality grease guns from world-class suppliers who supply grease guns internationally. Whether you are looking for the grease guns in Australia or Canada, quality should be at the forefront of your thought process. Otherwise, you might end up with subpar products and not be able to enjoy all the benefits mentioned in the article. 

Final Thoughts

Grease guns are a very important tool used in workshops and garages for lubrication purposes. Using manual grease guns can be tiresome and inefficient. Therefore, you should buy cordless grease guns to make the tasks easier.

We at Tampa Bay pride ourselves on manufacturing the best cordless electric grease gun. We deliver the in Canada, Australia, and other prominent countries in the world. 

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