The Importance of Portable Water Tanks in Wildfire Prevention And Control

A wildfire could be a forest fire, a bushfire, or a vegetation fire. Such fires are uncontrolled and spread without any pattern which is the reason why they are called wildfires. The places that are the most prone to wildfire are combustible vegetation in forests, grasslands, and other natural areas. To prevent a wildfire from becoming a menace, early intervention is required.

Portable water tanks can come in really handy when it comes to extinguishing such fires as they provide an immediate course of action. Without wasting any time, people in the vicinity can start using the water in the tank to put the flame out. These portable water tanks for fire fighting shorten the response time, which is critical for preventing damage to property and life. Using a portable fire tank is ideal if you want to proactively resolve the problem instead of shelling out large sums of money to repair the damage.

Different Materials Used for Making Fire Fighting Storage Tanks

The fire fighting water storage tanks are built using a wide range of materials. These storage tanks for fire protection are available in a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes. Some of the materials used for constructing these water tanks are:

  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Fibreglass tanks

The Uses of Portable Water Tanks for Firefighting

Although portable water storage tanks for firefighting are extremely useful for extinguishing wildfires, they are also useful in other scenarios. Let’s have a look at some situations in which portable fire tanks can come in handy:

The Importance of Portable Water Tanks in Wildfire Prevention and Control
  • Forests, countryside and national parks: It is hard to get to a wildfire that takes place in national parks countryside or remote villages. The route to such locations is long and arduous. Therefore, you need portable storage tanks that are available at the location. With portable tanks available at the site, you can easily fill up helicopters that use snorkel to extinguish small and large fires with ease. The availability of water at the right time goes a long way in minimizing damage.
  • Warehouses & Industrial Units: Many industries use flammable materials and warehouses. Such industries are prone to excessive damage if the flammable material catches fire. Simply using handheld fire extinguishers is not an option as they hardly affect the fire in any useful way. But if you buy a water tank online and keep it close to the vulnerable location, you can easily feed your fire sprinkler systems to extinguish the fire when the municipal water supply is no longer available.
  • Unique Applications: Apart from extinguishing wildfires and industrial fires, the water tanks can be used in aircraft hangars, high-rise buildings and also in areas that are prone to earthquakes.

Types of Portable Water Storage Tanks

fire fighting water tank

Frameless Water Tanks

Frameless water storage tanks are durable and self-supporting. They are made from high-quality material. They can contain a significant amount of water, anywhere between 100 and 80,000 gallons. One of the biggest reasons why these tanks are used is because they can be folded or rolled up and transported.

Pillow Water Tanks

These kinds of tanks are a type of frameless water tank. They derive their name from the fact that when they are filled up with water, they look like a pillow. Such tanks are widely used for sprinkler systems. They have an open top that provides easy access to the users.

Onion Water Tank

These kinds of tanks come with a self-rising option that allows them to fill up quickly during emergencies. Similar to pillow tanks, onion tanks come with an open top for easy access.

Frame or Supported Water Tanks

These tanks are reinforced by a metallic structure, which surrounds the tank ring. The metallic structure of the tank is mostly made of steel and aluminium. The USP of frame water tanks is their ability to hold water in a fixed and secure manner. It can be collapsed by folding the frame flat. These storage tanks can be set up for use at any location in just a few minutes. They also come with an open top access. They have a capacity that ranges between 600 and 5,000 gallons. These tanks are available in custom-designed sizes when you buy them from a prominent manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

fire fighting water storage tank that is also portable is a great investment if you want to prevent damage through wildfire. At places where it is hard to supply water, these water storage tanks can make the task of extinguishing fire easier. Portable water tanks for firefighting are available in different materials, types and sizes, which makes the selection process easier when addressing specific needs. 

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