The Guide to Find Best Grease Guns: Types, Uses & Maintenance

Choose the right grease gun as per your particular use case and perform timely maintenance to maximize its life and efficiency.

Lubrication is important for maintaining the proper functioning of moving parts in machines. Without proper lubrication, a machine can break down, corrode, or stop working as intended. One of the best ways to lubricate a machine is by using a grease gun. However, grease guns come with different mechanisms, which can sometimes confuse a buyer who is looking to purchase the best grease gun for their particular task.

Choosing the Best Grease Gun from Different Types

Grease guns come in different types and have different USPs. Let’s have a look at the types of grease guns:

Piston-Grip Grease Gun

When you are short of space in terms of clearance area, you need a piston-grip grease gun. To ensure ease of use, this type of grease gun comes with a simple trigger that can be squeezed to let the grease out. Although these best grease guns do not dispense as much volume as other types, they ensure complete user convenience when the clearance space is low.

Lever-Handle Grease Gun

If you are looking to discharge a high volume of grease in one stroke, then a lever-handle grease gun is the ultimate choice. However, it is worth remembering that this type of gun requires you to use both hands during the operation.

Pneumatic Grease Gun

When you need a steady and consistent flow of grease into the system, you cannot go wrong with a pneumatic grease gun. Instead of a lever, these guns are operated by a lever. They use an air supply to deliver the grease and are the most suitable when paired with bulk-loading equipment.

Cordless Grease Gun or a Battery Driven Grease Gun

If you are moving around with your grease gun a lot, you need the desired portability to simplify transportation. With a cordless grease gun that is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can deliver grease to your machines placed at different locations without any hassle. A battery-driven grease gun is extremely useful in situations where other grease guns are too inconvenient to carry.

Metered Grease Gun

Metered Grease Gun C200 with Big Display and Brushless Motor

metered grease gun releases a specific and well-measured amount of grease with each squeeze or pump of the grease gun’s handle.

The Uses of Grease Guns

Grease guns are used in a variety of industrial and household use cases. Below is a list of different grease gun applications:

1. Industrial Machinery: Bearings and Bushings, Gears and Shafts

2. Agricultural Equipment: Tractors and Farm Machinery, Harvesters and Combines

3. Construction Equipment: Excavators and Loaders, Cranes and Hoists

4. Marine Applications: Boat Trailers, Marine Engines

5. Railroad Maintenance: Railroad Switches and Tracks

6. General Machinery: Industrial Machines, Pneumatic Tools

7. Lawn and Garden Equipment: Lawnmowers and Garden Tractors

8. Automotive Maintenance: Wheel Bearings, Chassis Components

9. General Maintenance and DIY: Household and Workshop Applications

Grease Gun Maintenance Tips

Proper grease gun maintenance can prolong the life of your tool and increase its work efficiency. Below are some tips for grease gun maintenance tips that can come in handy:

1. Use the Recommended Grease Gun for the Type of Grease you are Using

A manufacturer recommends which type of grease should be used in the grease gun. Therefore, always use the right grease gun as per the grease to prolong its life. Moreover, it is a good practice to mark the grease gun after use to indicate which grease it has been used for to prevent incorrect use inadvertently.

2. Clean the Grease Gun Periodically and Wipe the Fitting Before Use

Just like your machines, it is important to clean the grease gun periodically. Use a clean lint-free cloth or rag to remove any debris that has accumulated. Always remove damaged or defective fittings.

3. Keep Grease Guns Covered When Not in Use

It is an important tip and very simple to follow. Ideally, you should keep the grease gun in the cover that has come with the device. Top manufacturers provide quality covers that ensure your precious grease gun remains safe from the elements. Keeping the grease gun dry and free from contaminants can enhance its life.

4. Eliminate any Air Pockets and Clear the Nozzle Before Use

Always pump the gun before you use it. This practice can help you clear out the air pockets that develop inside the grease gun. and ensure ideal operation. Moreover, if the nozzle of the grease gun has become clogged or if it has hardened grease on it, you should clean the nozzle to ensure a consistent flow of grease during use.

Final Thoughts

A good grease gun ensures appropriate lubrication of your machines. Therefore, choose the right grease gun from different categories as per your particular use case and perform timely maintenance to maximize its life and efficiency. Contact Tampa Bay, the manufacturer of best grease guns and other lubrication products, that upholds the standards of quality and has a track record of delivering flawless grease guns.

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