Fire Fighting Water Tank 1000L

  • SKU: FFT1000
  • Easy Transportation to new location
  • Flexible material hose and drain fitting
  • Large capacity (up to 264gallons)
  • Stores Water in Remote Locations
  • Baffle design to reduce surge when transport Forklift feet.


  •  Baffle design to reduce surge when transport Forklift feet
  • Water Fire Fight Tank comes complete with  Gasoline water pump with 130LPM flow rate
  • 4HP 4 stroke engine
  • 30 meters ¾” fire fighting hose with poly nozzle
  • Pump Size:1inch,3/4 inlet and outlet
  • Pressure Rate:4BAR
  • Flow(m3/h) : 8
  • Lift(m) : 30
  • Suction length(m) : 8
  • Petrol tank capacity: 0.6L
  • Water Fire Fight Tank are available for 5size: 200L(2types),400L,500L,1000L

Why do you need a Fire Tank?

Fire protection water storage tanks provide fire fighters, residents and businesses with water in locations where the demand for water can exceed the available municipal water supply.

This is especially true for suburban or rural areas served by wells, with limited delivery, or locations prone to wild fires.

Why do you buy our Portable Water Tanks for Fire Fighting?
✓ Our tanks are built tough for reliability and reuse.
✓ Our tanks are designed with a gasoline water pump with high flow rate. It is easy to start and movable.
✓ Our tanks are baffle design to reduce surge when transport Forklift feet.
✓ Our tanks are available for different shape and size for different demands.
✓ Our tanks are excellent water tanks for fire suppression in remote locations, forests, or rural areas that may suffer wild fires.


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