Battery Pump For Petrol/Diesel BTP100

  • Siphon anything in seconds
  • Easy, multipurpose electric transfer pump allows you to fill& empty liquid at top speed without heavy lifting
  • With 3 adapters screws directly onto any standard gas can for no-spill siphoning
  • Wide pump compatibility
  • Simple On/off operation
  • Flexible No-kink construction
  • Convenient portable design
  • Auto-stop mechanism & Leak protection
  • wet resistant ,power button cover updated for accidentalspills

Flow rate of up to 2.4Gallon per minute

Works with any non-corrosive liquids such as gas,non-potable water,kerosene,diesel or light oils

Wate-resistant battery cover for accidenal fuel spills

Auto-stop systerm to prevent fuel loss or accidental spills

Refuel boats, ATVs,motorcycles, cars, generators, lwan mowers and more!

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