400L Diesel +50L Adblue Combination Fuel Poly Tank DD4050

  • SKU: DD4050
  • The tank is strong polyethylene tank ideal for portable storage of Diesel&Adblue(DEF) as one stop solution, It can help to improve efficiency in refueling your equipment which is need both diesel the DEF.
  • Complete with a Standard 12V Electric Pump with Battery Cable & Clips
  • Increased thickness of wall makes these tanks strong& increases the life span
  • Forklift transport design, Portable to remove to everywell
  • Pad lockable lid

This fuel storage tank comes with specifications given below:

Diesel Tank Capacity: 400L/106Gallon                                                                                DEF Tank Capacity: 50L/13.2Gallon

Diesel Pump: 12V DC diesel self-priming pump                                                                 DEF Pump: 12V Diaphragm pump

Diesel Flow rate: 40LPM/10.8GPM open flow rate                                                           DEF Flow rate: 17LPM/4.49GPM open flow rate

Nozzle for diesel :High quality auto-shut off nozzle                                                           Nozzle for DEF: Manual Nozzle

Hose for diesel: 4Meter×3/4″ delivery hose                                                                        Hose for DEF: 4Meter×3/4″ delivery hose

Electric cable for diesel: 4Meter electric cable                                                                    Electric cable for DEF: 4Meter electric cable

Pad lockable lid

Forklift transport design

Dimension: 116×860×820mm

Weight: 68Kg


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