Fuel Pumps

Innovation keeps Equipco’s range of fuel and diesel transfer pumps for sale up-to-date with the latest technology requirements. Simply select your flow requirements or operational needs, then browse our range to discover a diesel, petrol, oil or AdBlue pump to suit.

  • Electric pumps
  • Air operated pumps
  • Hand/manual pumps
  • Engine driven pumps
  • Graco pumps
  • Fillrite pumps
  • Gear pumps
1000-110,000 Litres Self Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks

With both fuel storage from 1000-110,000 litres self bunded diesel fuel tanks. pump dispenser and both unloading pump facilities, fuel storage for all fuels including petrol, diesel, aviation fuels and lubrication and transmission oils is a simple task. Our specialized designed Fuel tanks are fully compliant with Australian standards AS1692-2006 and AS1940-2003 when installed correctly with appropriate site safety equipment and signage.

Mine-Go Range

Equipco have also developed the Mine-Go range of Self-bunded Ute Tanks solutions with sizes from 200-600 litres. These tank packages have compliant engineer certified lift lugs which enable lifting when full. Our certified lift lug design is suitable for our Mine-Go Cube Tank range from 1000 – 5000 litres.

Turnkey Solutions

Complete turnkey solutions for all aspects of hydrocarbon oil storage-filtration and dispensing requirements. Packaged options, custom truck tanks, bulk oil storage and filtration to the strictest ISO grade spec are just some of our services offered. State of the art oil monitoring and controlled use packages are part of our engineered division skills with world-class equipment technology.